Leadership Agility

Leadership Agility

I believe it is essential for Leadership Development Professionals to know how the human psyche naturally evolves. Being at one stage of development or another affects a leader’s capacity to lead.  As co-authors, Bill Joiner and I presented a map of that development in Leadership Agility (Jossey-Bass 2007).

Using that map as a guide makes coaching very precise. It also gives leaders a roadmap of where they are now and how their development will naturally unfold. This makes for very rapid leadership ddevelopment.

Through our interviews, Bill and I found that half the people at the highest stages practice some method of honing their attention. Because improving attention has such dramatic results in developing leaders, I always offer it as part of my coaching packages.

Quick Informal Assessment

There’s a quick way to get a read on your development. I recommend reading chapters 1 & 2 first. This will help you identify the stage at which you operate now. Read the chapter that pertains to that stage, and then the previous and following chapters.

Here’s what others have said about Leadership Agility

Leadership Agility is a unique and extraordinarily important contribution to our understanding of what it takes to lead in a world of rapid change and increasing complexity. They show us with vivid real-life examples how leaders grow, that this growth is essential to achieving higher levels of success, and that agility is the new master skill of leadership. I highly recommend this book.”
—Jim Kouzes, coauthor of the best-selling book, The Leadership Challenge


“Great coaching on how to develop leadership agility! Probably the most important competency for leaders to have in today’s rapidly changing world.”
—Marshall Goldsmith, author, Coaching for LeadershipGlobal Leadership, and The Leader of the Future


“In an era of turmoil and complexity, Leadership Agility is a breakthrough in thinking about leadership competencies. Joiner and Josephs have achieved a creative synthesis of best practices in strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and action learning. Profusely illustrated with clear examples from real-life leaders, this groundbreaking book will be welcomed by both the line leader and the leadership development professional.”
—David Giber, senior vice president, consulting and leadership development, Linkage, Inc.


“As executives operating in an often chaotic business environment, we know instinctively that our company’s ability to zig and zag is critical. Leadership Agility takes that instinctive understanding and defines it, measures it, and shows us how to develop it in ourselves and others. This is a timely, thought-provoking, and very important book on leadership.”
—Betsy Bernard, former president, AT&T


Leadership Agility gave me the inspiration I needed to respond creatively and decisively to several of my current leadership dilemmas. Many readers are bound to be similarly inspired. The clear, specific guidance it provides makes it a “playbook” that managers and leaders will read closely and return to again and again.”
—Bill Torbert, professor, the Boston College Carroll School of Management; author, Action Inquiry: The secret of timely and transforming leadership


Leadership Agility gives you an insightful, research-based framework that helps you develop as a leader. This book is not about reading and agreeing/disagreeing, it’s about learning and doing.”
—Patrick Canavan, senior vice president, of Global Governance, Motorola


“Joiner and Josephs provide a clear, detailed road map that helps pinpoint where you are on your leadership journey and shows you how to get where you want to go.”
—Lee Bolman, author, The Wizard and the Warrior; Marion Bloch/Missouri Chair in Leadership, Bloch School of Business and Public Administration, University of Missouri-Kansas City


Leadership Agility is a remarkable achievement. It will serve as a valuable guide not only for business leaders but for anyone who wants to grow as a person, have more satisfying relationships, and experience greater success in all aspects of life. I heartily endorse this book.”
—Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and coauthor of The Success Principles: How to get from where you are to where you want to be™


“Clearly one of the best business books of the year – an instant classic and a significant contribution to the leadership field.  A must-read for leaders who aspire to a higher level of awareness and contribution.”
– John Fayed, CEO of Business Book Reviews


“One of the best 10 leadership books published this year.”


“A new gold standard in the leadership field.”
– Amazon review

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