Leadership Agility Assessment – The Five Eds

Here’s a quick and accurate way to get a read on your current stage of Leadership Agility. In reading the following chapter, you’ll find descriptions of the “Five Eds.” The chapter will lead to imagine the following…

Five nights in a row, you’ll eat dinner with an executive named Ed. Each evening it’s the same man, working in the same company, but with one important difference.

On each successive night his capacity to lead becomes unmistakably more powerful, strategic, and agile. You hear it as he reveals his inner thoughts and actions to revitalize his company.

As you watch his development unfold in five conversations, you realize leadership develops not randomly, but in predictable stages. Now you see the progression in a form that is easy to grasp.

Having met the Five Eds, you now know two things:

  1. You have recognized which is of the Five Eds is most like you and therefore, you’re likely level of leadership agility.
  2. You have an invaluable road map for how your development can rapidly unfold.

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