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Leadership Agility describes five stages of adult psychological development and how being at one stage or another affects a leader’s capacity to lead. It illustrates how mature leaders add significant value to an organization and why wisdom and maturity do not automatically come with age.

The chapter you will read describes five dinner conversations with an executive named Ed. On each successive night everything about Ed remains the same – he works for the same company, in the same leadership position, and he confronts the same problems. However, on each successive night he operates from a different stage of leadership agility.

To assess yourself, determine which of the five Eds (and five stages) is most like you. You may find yourself in two or more Eds. In that case, ask yourself which of these  ways of operating seems to be your home base, the default position to which you most often return.

At the end of chapter, I’ll have additional instructions and suggestions for you.

Enjoy “The Five Eds.”