“Stephen Josephs is an extraordinary coach with a masterful depth of knowledge in the fields of psychology, transformation and embodiment. In his warm, direct and approachable manner, he taught me a whole new and unexpected way to see the issue I was wrestling with. He also gave me exercises to practice and use from which I gained a whole new perspective, approach and result. Certainly, working with Stephen was a pleasure but more importantly his coaching produced tangible results, fast. I recommend him without hesitation!”
– Dorothy Hutt


“Stephen Josephs is simply refreshing; the unassuming exemplar of the coach’s coach! I was deeply drawn to the originality, energy, and the breadth and depth of  ideas and practices that he freely shares through his Dragons At Work website, and he also shines the light on other experts in diverse fields. This abundant energy is palpable, and consistent with who he is and how he coaches. Whatever you learn  in your coaching sessions, some of which is inherently beyond words, you are free to apply these highly effective practices with your own clients. Stephen embodies this rare generosity and joy, the kind you can scarcely imagine until you directly experience it, and then it becomes crystal clear – what a wonderful antidote to global unrest!”
– Tom Feldman


“Over the past 9 years I’ve had an opportunity to see, first hand, how Steve works with clients. He is literally one of the very best leadership coaches I have ever met. Steve has spent his career researching the internal capacities and behaviors of exceptional leaders, and developing new ways to work with clients to bring out their best selves, both personally and professionally. His life and his work reflect a rich synthesis of Eastern practices (martial arts, meditation, etc.) with a variety of practices developed in the West. Steve is especially effective with those highly talented managers you can’t do without, but who need considerable “polishing” to work effectively with their fellow human beings.”
Bill Joiner


“Stephen is a very rare kind of guy – someone with immense knowledge and experience of leadership matters, with a lifetime of wisdom about spiritual traditions, Eastern and Western thought and meditation – and who is also absolutely fun, easy and lively to be around and work with. His relaxed style can sometimes conceal the depths of his awareness. I have seen Stephen present on a number of occasions, and he always gets his message across with humor, intelligence, experiential approaches and even (sometimes) music. As a leadership coach and speaker, he has a unique place in the world – and within your organisation too.”
– Mark McKergow


“Stephen is a world-class coach and advisor both to senior individuals and to teams facing difficult challenges. His book on leadership (Leadership Agility – Joiner & Josephs; Jossey-Bass, 2007) engagingly articulates his, and co-author Bill Joiner’s, deep insights into the competencies of great leadership and, even more importantly, how to help individuals develop these competencies. I always look forward to working with Stephen, and highly recommend him to anyone who wants to take their leadership to the next level of effectiveness.
– Jeff Drust, VP Business Development, Marketing and Channels, Lattice3D (business partner)