Greg Schottland, Vice President of Software Development

“I first heard Stephen on a radio interview and was captivated by his clear understanding of the world of business AND real life! I’ve been a successful entrepreneur and business turnaround exec for 25 years.

I was somewhat incredulous that Stephen could have such a strong grasp of the business and life realities faced by executives like myself.

But I’d been looking to get clarity on how to better align my work engagements with my roles as husband and father, as well as my passions. So despite my skepticism I scheduled a working session with him.

I was pleasantly surprised. Stephen listened intently and brought a clear understanding of the practical realities I faced at work. That, along with his deep knowledge of the emotional and motivational components of being successful and fulfilled, moved me forward more quickly than I expected.

Stephen is not about “fluff.” He brings incisive tools to align personal and business life and increase both effectiveness and satisfaction. He is an outstanding coach. Our work together has produced immediate, lasting results.”

Greg Schottland, Vice President of Software Development


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