Luck Amplifier #5 – Your Networks, Your Lifeline

The strength of your networks can make the difference between success and failure. Do you know about game changing, disruptive technologies far ahead of their emergence in the market? Or do you hear about them too late?

Bill Gates famously ignored the significance of the Internet.

Research shows that good networks offer a surprising number of benefits, including…

  • Better health
  • Better prices from suppliers
  • More successful career navigation
  • More productive teams
  • A stronger immune system
  • Better luck

In The Luck Factor, Max Gunther says our networks create a “spider web” of information from which opportunities arise. The likelihood of luck emerging in your networks is related to the number of your connections, but it’s not just quantity that counts. It’s the quality of your network — the mutual responsiveness of the members — that makes the difference.

Ivan Misner says in Networking Like a Pro: The cardinal rule for networks is: Be a giver, not a taker.

If you only take from your networks, you won’t be able to count on them over the long run, and they won’t grow exponentially. Those who use their networks as a medium for generous acts, find they have hundreds, even thousands of people looking out for them. People with a transactional approach to networking miss out on this happiness, fulfillment, and luck.

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Tip: Given what you know, what you can contribute, and with whom you’re connected, what are your opportunities for generous acts today?