Coaches Tip #4 – Physical Vitality

By “Physical Vitality” mean the exuberant physical strength and mental vigor to fully engage in life and work.

In my research, I interview high level executives. I always ask what inner qualities they draw upon when faced with difficult challenges.

They seldom mention physical vitality until I inquire about it. Then, they realize their vitality often makes the difference between feeling resilient rather than exhausted under pressure. Everyone I interviewed experienced moderate to high levels of stress on the job.

Many think our level of vitality is a given, but it’s not just our inherited constitution. Of course, good diet, sleep and exercise can help raise your baseline resilience. But there are even more efficient ways to dramatically increase your vitality that are little known in our culture.

In China, Qigong (chee gong) is considered a national treasure. Qigong literally means “energy work.” Its benefits have been well documented over the past fifteen years. Through its physical movements, visualizations, and breathing, energy is cultivated, refined, and stored. Anyone who practices these methods on a regular basis is bound to increase their level of vitality and have reserve energy to tap as needed.

Because Qigong requires some learning and practice before you experience results, one qigong experience won’t demonstrate its tremendous potential. However, the following audio instructions will give you a taste.

Listen to this audio in an environment where you can close your eyes and relax.

Lesson 1 – Introduction

Lesson 1- Practice – Energizing

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