Coaches Tip #8 – Know when to hold ‘em, when to fold ‘em

Like most people, you have probably experienced moments when you knew something – a deal, a business relationship, and investment – was going south, but you hesitated to act because you didn’t have facts to support your intuition.

If so, you will be interested in the Iowa Gambling Task and the tip that follows.

In the Iowa Gambling Task researches gave subjects the task of making the most money possible by choosing cards from four decks. Unbeknownst to the subjects, the decks were stacked. Some were good decks were “good decks” (producing winners more of the time) and some were “bad decks,” (producing losers). After about 40-50 picks, healthy subjects caught on to which deck produced winners and losers.

But their bodies knew something their rational minds missed. After about 10 picks they began to produce physiological symptoms of stress when their hands reached for the bad decks.

Intuition is defined as knowing without being consciously aware of we know. But it is possible to strengthen the communication between our conscious and unconscious minds, so we can read subtle signals earlier.

There are two elements to being successful at this: 1) Develop enough rapport with your unconscious so that you receive clear signals for yes/no questions, and 2) release all fear of receiving an honest answer to your questions.