Amy Cappellanti-Wolf

As HR leaders, we are simultaneously part of a business, and we have the responsibility to shape its culture. Stephen understands this complexity. As he says, ” It’s a little like cooking a stew when you’re both the chef and one of the ingredients.”

Most executives agree with Peter Drucker’s famous statement, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” but when it comes to setting priorities and dedicating resources, culture often takes a back seat to tactical and short term financial concerns.

In the three months I worked with Stephen, he helped me to take a step back and clearly define what success looks like in my role as Head of HR and the levers to pull to improve my effectiveness and impact to the business. I highly recommend Stephen to any HR executive looking to take themselves, those around them, and ultimately their cultures to new levels of contribution and effectiveness.

Amy Cappellanti-Wolf  –  Head of HR, Silver Spring Networks


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